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Hyperion's courses are available on this eLearning Portal

Hyperion eLearning Portal

If you would like to join any of the courses below please contact sean.mccarthy@hyperion.ie 

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Training Programme for Horizon Europe


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eLearning Workshop No 1

Getting Ready for Horizon Europe (Link)

(Workshop for Newcomers to Horizon Europe)

 This eLearning workshop is designed for researchers who are totally new to Horizon Europe. At the end the workshops, the researcher will be able to prepare a Power Point presentation outlining their step-by-step plan for Horizon Europe.

1.1: Identifying Opportunities in Horizon Europe

1.2: How to Prepare a Plan for Horizon Europe

1.3: How Horizon Europe Proposals are Evaluated

1.4 Who Wrote the Topics in Pillar II?

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eLearning Workshop No 2

How to Write a Competitive Proposal for Pillar II (Horizon Europe) (Link)

(eLearning Workshop for Coordinators of Pillar II Proposals)


This eLearning workshop is designed for researchers who are planning to Coordinate a Pillar II Proposal. The workshop is also useful to researchers who are planning to participate as a partner in Pillar II proposals. At the end of these workshops the researcher will be able to prepare a Power Point presentation describing their proposal idea, the expected impact of their research and the profile of the consortium.


(The workshop does not cover Financial Rules, Legal Rules, Ethics, Data Management etc.)

2.1: Profile of Researchers with High Success Rates

2.2: Selecting Partners for Horizon Europe Proposals

2.3: How Pillar II Proposals are Evaluated

2.4: Proposal Intelligence to Write the Impact of Pillar II Proposals

2.5: How to Explain the Impact of a Pillar II Proposal

2.6: Guideline for Writing Competitive Pillar II Proposals

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