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This webpage has been designed to support our eTIP training course.

How to Write an eTIP 

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Module 1: Overview of the eTIP

bulletOfficial Website for eTIP 
bulletCordis Technology Market Place 
bulletFrequently Asked Questions on eTIP 
bulletConsortium Agreements 
bullet Model Contract (FP6) 
bulletIPR Helpdesk guide on the eTIP 

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Module 2: The eTIP (Past, Present,Future)

bullet5 Year Assessment Reports 
bulletThe Green Paper on Innovation 
bulletGreen Paper on Innovation
bullet Towards a European Research Area 
bulletThe Institute for Prospective Technological Studies 
bulletThe Futures Report 

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Module 3: The eTIP Datasheets

bullet eTIP (Technology Implementation Plan) 
bullet Technology Implementation Plan( FP5) 

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Module 4: How to Write the TIP

bulleteTIP Interview 
bulletArticle: How to Write a Technology Implementation Plan

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Module 5: Examples of eTIP

bulletSample Technology Implementation Plan (Hydrocarbex Project)
bulletSample TIP Presentation (Power Point)

Other examples of eTIPs


Project Acronym: DEPAUDE


Project Acronym: HEAVEN


Project Acronym: LIMBER


Project Acronym: CINECA


Project Acronym: AMOVIP


Project SHAMAN



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Module 6: How to Identify Exploitable Results

The Valley of Death  

bulletAdvanced Technology Programme: a reform with a purpose 

Funding for Exploitation of Results

bullet EU Grants and Loans 
bullet European Investment Bank
bullet Innovation 2000 Initiative (i2i) 
bullet European Investment Fund 
bullet Eureka 

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Module 7: Commercial Exploitation of R&D Results

How to Identify Market Trends (Market Research Organizations)

bulletFrost and Sullivan 
bulletForrester Research 

Economic and Political Information

bulletOrganisation for Economic Cooperation and Development  (the best)
bulletThe Economist 

Technology Trends (Technology Foresight) 

bulletThe Futures Report  
bulletThe Institute for Prospective Technologies and Studies Reports
bulletThe R&D Scoreboard (Published annually by DTI, UK) 
bulletEuropean Information Technology Observatory 
bulletEuropean Innovation Monitoring System (EIMS) 

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Module 8: Exploitation of R&D Results through Standards

Websites on Standards


Other Useful Websites for Standardization

bulletCommission Communication on the Role of Standardisation 
bulletEU Policy on Standards 
bulletAcademic Institutions involved in research and training on standardization
bulletStudy on the Impact of Standardization 
bulletIST Standards 
bulletIPR Helpdesk guide on Standards[0000004709_00].html 

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Module 9: Exploitation of Results through EU Policies

bullet Background Policy Reports 
bulletEuropa (Official EU Website) 
bulletEuropa General Search Engine 
bulletEU Databases  (ECLAS,IDEA,EUR-LEX) 
bulletWhite Papers 
bulletGreen Papers 
bulletEurostat   (check)
bulleteEurope Action Plan  
bulletEuropean Commission (DG Research) 
bulletEuropean Parliament 
bulletCouncil of Ministers 
bulletCONECCS Database (Lobby Groups)
bulletThe Centre for European Policy Studies 

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Module 10: Exploitation of Results through Social Innovation

bulletEU Guidelines 
bulletThe Futures Report ( ) has four reports dealing with social issues and R&D.
bulletSociety, the Endless Frontier (1995 but still excellent) 
bulletEU and NGOs 
bulletList of NGOs 

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Module 11: Exploitation through further R&D

bullet Framework 6 
bulletGetting Ready for Framework 7 

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Module 12: The Future of the TIP

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