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How to Write a Competitive Proposal for Framework 7

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Live Courses

The Fundamentals of Framework 7

The Fundamentals of Framework 7 (43 minutes)     Free eTraining module Handout  

Module 1: Overview of Framework 7

1.0 The Secrets of Framework 7   15 minutes eTraining

Module 2: Who's Who in Framework 7?

2.0 Background to Framework 7 (including Technology Platforms) 15 minutes eTraining

Module 3: The Research Priorities in Framework 7 + CIP

3.1 The 'Cooperation' Programme 20 minutes eTraining
3.2 The 'People' Programme (Marie Curie Programme) 15 minutes eTraining
3.3 The 'Capacities' Programme  15 minutes eTraining
The 'Euratom' Programme
3.4  The 'Ideas' Programme (Frontier Research) (ERC) 15 minutes eTraining
3.5 CIP Competitiveness and Innovation Programme 15 minutes eTraining

Module 4: The Funding Schemes

4.1 An Overview of the Funding Schemes 20 minutes eTraining
4.2 Collaborative Research Projects (CP) 20 minutes eTraining
4.3 Networks of Excellence (NoE)
4.4  Coordination and Support Actions (CSA)
4.5 Research for SMEs and Association
4.6 Article 169 and Article 171

Module 5:Legal and Financial Rules in Framework 7 

5.1 Legal and Financial Rules 10 minutes eTraining
5.2 Intellectual Property Protection in Framework 7 10 minutes eTraining

Module 6: How to Find the Best Partners   

6.1 Which Countries can Participate? Where to find the  'Best Partners' 15 minutes eTraining

Module 7: How Framework Proposal are Evaluated  

7.1 The Evaluation Process, The Expert Evaluator and the Evaluation Forms 20 minutes eTraining

Module 8: How to Write the 'Potential Impact' 

8.1 How to Write the 'Potential Impact' of a project 20 minutes eTraining

Module 9:How to Write the Project Implementation  

9.1 Implementation and the Consortium 20 minutes eTraining

Module 10: A Strategy for Writing Proposals    

10.1 How to Judge a 'Good Proposal' 30 minutes eTraining
10.2 A Step by Step guide to Writing Proposals
10.3 The 'One Page Proposal'
10.4  Templates for streamlining proposal writing


Annex 1 How to Write the 'Relevance to EU Policy' 10 minutes eTraining
Annex 2 The Relevance of Framework 7 to Enterprises 15 minutes eTraining
Annex 3 What is your Strategy for Framework 7 (for Directors) 10 minutes eTraining