How to Screen Pillar II Proposals (Proposal Clinics)

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How to Screen Pillar II Proposals (Horizon Europe)

(Training Course for Partners of Pillar II Proposals)

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Overview of the Course

This workshop is designed for researchers who are planning to participate in a Pillar II Proposal. The workshop describes how to screen proposals using a process called a 'Proposal Clinic'.

 (The workshop does not cover Financial Rules, Legal Rules, Ethics, Data Management etc.)


Delivery of Course:  Online (ZOOM)

Target Audience: Researchers planning to coordinate a Pillar II Proposal


Course Presenters: Dr. SeŠn McCarthy  and Sylvia McCarthy (EU Policy Analyst)

Duration: 30 Minute Session

Bookings and Enquiries: Send an email to

Contents of Course

Module 1:The Role of the Proposal Clinic


Screening Ideas (Draft Work Programmes)


Consortium First Meeting


Refining the Abstract of the Proposal


Diagrams used in the final Proposal

Module 2: Template for a Proposal Clinic


Power Point Template


Sample Diagrams used in Proposal Clinics

Module 3: From the Proposal Clinic to the Proposal Deadline


The One Page Proposal (Draft Abstract)


The Draft Consensus Report


Distribution of the Work between Partners


Compiling the Full Proposal


Programme Designers and Presenters

Dr. SeŠn McCarthy

In 2021 the European Commission published a list of the top 100 universities and research organisations participating in Horizon 2020. Dr. McCarthy has delivered training courses in 78 of these top 100 universities and research organisations in Horizon 2020.SeŠn has been active in the Framework programmes since 1980. He has been involved in over 150 research proposals to the Framework programmes and has participated in over 60 Framework projects. In 16 of these projects SeŠn was the coordinator.  Today, he does not participate in the Framework programmes but concentrates on designing and delivering training courses. Since 1995 over 80,000 participants have attended his courses in 29 countries. He has presented training courses on the Framework programmes in over 290 research centres throughout Europe (


Sylvia McCarthy

Sylvia is an EU Policy Analyst. Based in Brussels since 2008, Sylvia has worked in the European Parliament and various EU consultancies and representations.
Sylvia has a Bachelorís degree in European Studies (University College Cork,Ireland) and a Masterís degree in International Politics and Europe (University of Warwick, UK).

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