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Proposal Intelligence Reports for Pillar II  Proposals (Horizon Europe)


Pillar II (Horizon Europe) is a 'top-down' programme. The Topics in Pillar II address specific EU Policies. In a Pillar II proposal researchers are expected to describe the Impact of their project on the specific EU policies described in the Work Programme.

A Proposal Intelligence Report describes the specific policies behind the Topic, the Expert Groups consulted during the preparation of the Topic and the EU organisations that will be interested in the Outputs and Outcomes of the research.

The Proposal Intelligence Reports are prepared by Sylvia McCarthy and typically take 3 to 4 days to complete.


To order a Proposal Intelligence Report please contact

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Proposal Intelligence Reports prepared by Sylvia McCarthy

Proposal Intelligence Reports (Horizon Europe Topics)





Proposal Intelligence Reports (Horizon 2020 Topics)

Pillar 2 - DT-FOF-12-2019 Handling systems for flexible materials

Pillar 2 - NMBP-12-2018 Risk Governance of Nanotechnology

Pillar 3 - SC1-DTH-03-2018 Adaptive Smart Working and Living Environments Supporting Active and Healthy Ageing

Pillar 3 - SC1-BHC-19 Implementation research for maternal and child health

Pillar 3 - SC1-HCO-13-2018 European environment, climate & health research agenda

Pillar 3 - SC2 - SFS-04-2019-2020 Integrated health approaches and alternatives to pesticide use

Pillar 3 - SC2 - BG-05-2019 Multi-use of the marine space, offshore and near-shore pilot demonstrators

Pillar 3 - SC3-LC-SC3-ES-3-2018-2020 Integrated local energy systems (Energy Islands)

Pillar 3 - SC3-LC-SC3-RES-1-2019-2020 Developing the next generation of renewable energy technologies

Pillar 3 - SC4-LC-MG-1-1-2018 InCo flagship on reduction of transport impact on air quality

Pillar 3 - SC4-MG-4-3-2018 Demographic change & participation of women in transport

Pillar 3 - SC5-15-2018 Establishing EuroGEOSS

Pillar 3 - SC5-LC-CLA-06-2019 Knowledge gaps in climate science, in support of IPCC reports

Pillar 3 - SC5-14-2019 - Visionary and integrated solutions to improve well-being and health in cities

Pillar 3 - SC6-DT-MIGRATION-06-2018-2019 Addressing the challenge of migrant integration through ICT-enabled solutions

Pillar 3 - SC6-MIGRATION-03-2019 Social & economic effects of migration in Europe & integration policies

Pillar 3 - SC6-MIGRATION-0502018-2020 Mapping and overcoming integration challenges for migrant children

Pillar 3 - SC6-TRANSFORMATIONS-05-2018 Cities as a platform for citizen-driven innovation

Pillar 3 - SC6-DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-07-2019 Impact of technological transformations on children and youth

Pillar 3 - SC6-GOVERNANCE-02-2018-2019 Past, present and future of differentiation in European governance

Pillar 3 - SC6-GOVERNANCE-15-2018 Taking lessons from the practices of interdisciplinarity in Europe

Pillar 3 - SC7-SU-INFRA02-2019 Security for smart and safe cities, including for public spaces

SwafS-14-2018-2019 - Supporting the development of territorial Responsible Research & Innovation

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