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Hyperion Ltd. has  three different cost models for our courses.

bulletIn-house courses
bulletOpen Courses (organised by Hyperion Ltd.)
bulletOpen Courses (organised with a partner)

The details are outlined below.

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In-house Course:

bulletHow to Write a Competitive Proposal for Framework 7 (9-15:30)
bulletHow to Negotiate, Manage and Administer Framework 6 Projects (9-15:30)
bulletHow to Present Research Activities to Business Executives (9-15)
bulletCourse Fee: 4000 euro per day + share of travel + accommodation.
bulletTravel costs will be shared if other courses are organized in your country.
bulletA master copy of the notes will be provided by Hyperion. The host is responsible for copying the notes.
bulletThere is no limit on the number of participants.
bulletThe host organization is responsible for training rooms, LCD Projector, coffees and lunch.
bulletTaxes: The above costs do not include national VAT or local taxes. Any national or local taxes must be paid by the organisation booking the course. In Ireland the VAT rate on training courses is 0%. The above costs are the total costs paid to Hyperion.

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Open Course (organised by Hyperion Ltd)

bulletHyperion Ltd. promotes and organises the course.
bulletCost per participant: 475 euro per participant. 
bulletThis covers manuals, lunch, coffee, tea. Participants are responsible for their own accommodation. 
bulletMembers of Partner organisations receive a reduction. Typically 100 euro per participant i.e. cost per participant 375 euro.
bulletHyperion  is responsible for booking and payment of  training rooms, LCD Projector, coffees and lunches.

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Open Course (organised by a Partner Organisation)

bulletThe partner organises and promotes the courses. 
bulletThe partner  is responsible for booking and payments for the training rooms, LCD Projector, coffees and lunches.
bulletHyperion provides the training course and the course manual.
bulletParticipants are responsible for their own accomodation. 
bulletCost to participants: 475 euro 
bulletHyperion receives 325 euro per participant
bulletRoom, LCD  projector, lunches, tea, coffee: Typically  75 euro per participant
bulletPartners share: 475-325 = 150 euro.

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For More Information Contact:

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Tel: 00 353 21 4889 461
FAX: 00 353 21 4 889 465