European Research Strategies

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Preparation of a European Research Strategy

Workshop Presenter:   Dr. Sean McCarthy Hyperion Ltd, Ireland

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Workshop for Rectors, Directors and European Research Advisors (3.5 hours)

The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of a European Research Strategy and to discuss the relevance of European Research  to the  organisation.

Workshop 1 The Relevance of European Research to the Organisation

The following issues will be discussed as part of the European Research Strategy:

·        Priorities of the Research Organisation

·        Universities Research Funding Strategy (National, EU, Industrial, International)

·       Priorities of Horizon 2020 Programmes (ERC, Marie Curie, FET, JPI, ..)

·       Where the University will NOT participate (e.g. JTI, Euratom,..)

·       Priorities of participation (Coordinator, Partners, Subcontractor)

·       Indicators/Targets to monitor performance (income, success rates, publications..)

·       Relevance of participation to researchers (incentives, awards, promotion …)

·       Relevance on non-participation to researchers.

Workshop 2 Presentation of Current European Research Activities

Each Research Centre will make a  presentation outlining the following:

·         Current activities in Framework 7 (Collaborative Projects, Marie Curie etc.)

·         Researchers who are active in European Research (Coordinators, Partners)

·       Existing Strategic Partnerships with European Research centres

·       ERAnets where the centre is participating

·       List of researchers who have evaluated Framework proposals

·       COST Actions where researchers are involved

·       Relevant activities in Technology Platforms

·       European Committees/ Expert Groups where members participate

·       Examples of real ‘impact’

At the end of these two workshops the University should have a clear vision of their priorities in Horizon 2020. A number of researchers that have to the potential and attitude to become future European Researchers will be identified. This will be the basis of the workshops with the researchers and support staff.


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Workshop Designer and Presenter

The programme will be presented by Dr. Sean McCarthy of Hyperion Ltd ( Sean has been active in the Framework programmes since 1980. He has been involved in over 150 research proposals to the Framework programmes and has participated in over 60 Framework projects. In 16 of these projects he was the coordinator. Four of Hyperion contracts has been audited by the European Commission. Today he does not participate in the Framework programmes but concentrates on designing and delivering training courses for organizations who participate in the programmes. Since 1998 over 38,000 participants have attended his courses in 29 countries. He has presented training courses on the Framework programmes in over 210 research centres throughout Europe ( More details can be found on